Drawing has always been second nature for me. From a very young age, there has always been something in my hand that I could use to draw with. Inspired by this, and through the urging of friends and family, I continued pursuing my interest which soon turned into a passion.

Most artists begin with paints or pencil, I was a pencil girl. It allowed me to provide the great detail in an image which consumed my complete attention. During high school, my art teacher introduced me to pastels. It was a match made in heaven. I picked up my first stick of Conte and have not looked back. I have since used oil and chalk pastels, but Conte is my favorite hands down!

Also thanks to my high school teacher, a simple assignment quickly became an obsession. The assignment was to create an animal out of its name. I of course did a dog and loved the end result!

Soon, I had nearly 50 silhouettes of different breeds and began experimenting with the style and technique. These seemingly simple ink drawings became the perfect basis for my jump into logo design.

One Christmas I received a basic camera. In no time flat I was as hooked as I was on drawing. My mom soon introduced me to her second child, her 35mm fully manual and I fell in love with all photography. I began shooting with her 35mm, my small film camera and many different digitals. The eye that I had developed in drawing, enhanced my eye for photography.

I am extremely happy with my progress in both areas of my artistic abilities and look forward to developing them further through university courses. I would definitely like to incorporate these hobbies into my career and have a studio as well as a kennel. Most of my drawings and photographs I do for my own enjoyment and portfolio. However, I am more than happy to do commissions. I currently only do drawings of dogs, horses, and flowers (I don't paint yet, sorry!). On the other hand, my photography covers all.

If you think you may be interested in portraiture, a personalized logo, or a commission of your pet, please feel free to contact me through e-mail or my guestbook.


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