See how everyone is doing in the ring!

Victoria County Kennel Club
Laughs and good times were had this weekend!
Taya (MiniLong Dachshund) shown 1 day was BO and BOB
Penny (English Cocker Spaniel) was 2nd, 1st x 4, RWB x 2, WB x 2, BW, New Champion
Jagger (Afghan Hound) was BOB x 5, Group 2
Yolka (MiniWire Dachshund) shown 2 days was BOB x 3
Maverick (Tibetan Terrier) was BOB x 4, Group 4
Guiness (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) was 1st/WD x 5, BOB x 2, BO, BW x 3
Maya (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) was 1st/WB x 5, BOB, BO x 4, BW x 2, BPIB x 5
Franki (German Shepherd Dog) shown 2 shows was 1st/WD x 2, BW
Auberon (Scottish Deerhound) shown 2 days was BOB x 3, Group 4 x 2

Huge thank you to Jessie, Lori, Terry, Tessa, Jenn and Chuck for all of your help this weekend!

Champlain Dog Club
Been a crazy week! Huge thank you to Shannon and Lori for being amazing and looking after everyone while I was at PCA. Happy I could make it back for the weekend.
Jagger (Afghan Hound) shown 3 shows was BOB x 3
Yolka (Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund) shown 2 shows was BO and Select
Hunter (NSDTR) shown 2 shows was 2nd x 2
Maverick (Tibetan Terrier) shown 2 shows was BOB x 2
Razyn (Golden Retriever) was 1st x 4, RWB x 2
Crosby (Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund) shown 1 show was BBPIB, and Best Baby Puppy in Group

Nickel District Kennel Club
Great to be back in Canada. So great to see everyone!
Yolka (Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund)- Select x 2, BO x 4
Jagger (Afghan Hound)- BOB x 6, Group 4 x 2, Group 2, Group 1 x 2, and Reserve Best in Show

Proston Show Society
Sad this will be my last show in Australia for a while. I've had so much fun! Thank you to everyone for making my holiday so special.
Peppe (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen)- BOB and Best Aust Bred in Breed

Dogs Queensland Canine Health Committee
Fun in the sun!
Ginger (Whippet)- 3rd
Porscha (Whippet)- Best Neuter in Breed, Best Neuter in Group and Runner up Neuter in Show

What a year 2017 has been!!
I cannot thank everyone enough for the opportunities, the support, the encouragement, the teaching, and the recognition. 
To the breeders and owners for asking me to work with their incredible dogs, it is an honour! To friends and family far and wide who have supported, have stepped up to be a part of the team, and stepped in during times of need, I don't know how this year could have happened without you. To the judges for recognizing the quality of the dogs I have been privileged to present to you. Thank you!!

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic year!
Armani (Bichon Frise)- #1 Non-Sporting dog, #13 All Breed, #1 Bichon Frise, Multi Best in Show, Multi Reserve Best in Show winner
Apple (Lagotto Romagnolo)- #1 Lagotto Romagnolo, Best in National Specialty Show winner
Jewel (Briard)- #1 Briard, Reserve Best in Show winner
Jagger (Afghan Hound)- #2 Afghan Hound (limited showing), Best in Show winner
Capone (Boston Terrier)- #9 Boston Terrier, #2 Boston Terrier puppy (limited showing), Best Puppy in Show winner
Nora (German Shepherd Dog)- #17 German Shepherd Dog (limited showing), Best Canadian Bred in Show winner
Gossip (Mastiff)- #4 Mastiff (limited showing)
Albe (American Cocker Spaniel)- #6 American Cocker Spaniel (limited showing), Best in Show winner
Dragoon (Cardigan Welsh Corgi)- #3 Cardigan Welsh Corgi (limited showing)
Kai (Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund)- #5 Mini-wire (limited showing)
Yolka (Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund)- #5 Mini-wire puppy (limited showing)
Halo (Standard Poodle)- Best Puppy in Specialty winner
Memphis (Lagotto Romagnolo)- Best Canadian Bred, Best Coat in National Specialty winner

New Champions
Apple (Lagotto Romagnolo), Gander (Flat-coated Retriever), Eli (Golden Retriever), Root (French Bulldog), Birdy (Flat-coated Retriever), Halo (Standard Poodle), Capone (Boston Terrier), Vida (French Bulldog), Yolka (Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund), Memphis (Lagotto Romagnolo)

New Grand Champions
Apple (Lagotto Romagnolo), Albe (American Cocker Spaniel), Eros (Lagotto Romagnolo), Halo (Standard Poodle)

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