See how everyone is doing in the ring!

Love (Afghan Hound) was 1st/WD/BOB x 4
Sassy (Boston Terrier) was 1st/WB/BOB x 4
Maverick (Tibetan Terrier) was BOB x 4, Group 3, Group 1

Woodstock & District Canine Association
Surprise trip to Woodstock but had a good weekend.
Maverick (Tibetan Terrier) was BOB x 3, Group 3 x 3
Lord (MWDachshund) entered 2 shows was 1st/WD/BOB/BPIB x 2
Bella (Scottish Terrier) entered 1 show was 1st/WB
Balto (French Bulldog) shown by me 1 show was 1st/WD/BOB/BW
Pita (French Bulldog) shown by me 1 show was 1st/WB/BO

Puppy Sweepstakes- Bella was 1st Senior Puppy Terrier
Limited Breed Show-Scenthounds- Lord was 1st/WD/BOB/BPIB

Wildwood Kennel Club
Great start to the year!
Tryst (American Cocker Spaniel) was 1st/WD x 2, New Champion, BOB x 3, BPIB x 4, Best Puppy in Group
Sheldon (Afghan Hound) entered 3 days was BBPIB x 3, Best Baby Puppy in Group
Jack (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) entered 1 day was BOB, Group 4
Cash (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) entered 2 days was BOB x 2, Group 3, New Grand Champion, Group 1
R-Win (Australian Shepherd) shown by me 2 days was Select, BOB

Limited Breed Show- UK Breeds- Cash was BOB
Limited Breed Show- Sporting Breeds- Tryst was BOB/BPIB, Group 2, Best Puppy in Group

2018 Wrap up
What a year this has been! It has been such a privilege to exhibit such beautiful dogs while traveling around the world. New championships, wonderful wins, fantastic critics, and beautiful memories. Thank you to everyone who has made this year possible, and special. To everyone who has been a part of the team, the breeders, owners and supporters worldwide. To those that have shared their knowledge, this has been a year not soon to be forgotten.

Jagger (Afghan Hound)- #1 Afghan Breed Points, #2 Afghan All Breed, #9 Hound, MBIS, RBIS, MBISS winner
Tryst (American Cocker Spaniel)- BBPIS winner
Maverick (Tibetan Terrier)- #3 Tibetan
Cash (Cardigan Welsh Corgi)- #4 Cardigan All Breed, #1 Cardigan Puppy, #7 Herding Puppy, MBPIS, BPISS winner
Dragoon (Cardigan Welsh Corgi- #5 Cardigan All Breed
Sassy (Boston Terrier)- #13 Boston All Breed, #1 Boston Puppy, #8 Non-Sporting Puppy, MBPIS winner
Juno (Irish Water Spaniel)- #2 IWS All Breed, BISS winner
Quyn (Golden Retriever)- BPIS winner
Annie (Gordon Setter)- #6 Gordon All Breed
Auberon (Scottish Deerhound)- #5 Deerhound All Breed

New Champions- Cash (Cardigan Welsh Corgi), Evie (Boxer), Crosby (MWDachshund), Penny (English Cocker Spaniel), Franki (German Shepherd Dog), Quyn (Golden Retriever), Cassadee (Golden Retriever), Sheila (Irish Wolfhound), Maisie (Golden Retriever), 

New Grand Champions- Eli (Golden Retriever), Yolka (MWDachshund), Juno (Irish Water Spaniel)

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